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Natalie Stewart Elder is a songwriter, theater maker, and arts administrator based in New York City. Born and raised in southern California, the child of a dancer and a musician, they belong to a number of vibrant and diverse communities of artists. 


They wear many hats within the industry, but all of their work supports their ultimate goals of uplifting unheard voices, building a better future for all artists, and celebrating our victories along the way.

Their writing is unfettered queer joy onstage, both through raucous comedy and sincere tenderness. Reviewers have described their work as "intentionally chaotic" and "fucking hilarious." 

As a producer and administrator, their mission is to create opportunities for artists to thrive. Natalie has assisted in coordinating over 500 (and counting) auditions, classes, concerts, fundraisers, rehearsals, shows, and special events. Their work with the Trans Entertainment Guild has supported trans artists, activists, and organizations. 

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